Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Double Walled Salt Shaker and Good News!

Double walled salt shaker with no holes

Double walled holeless salt shaker
Bottom of double walled salt shaker

A couple of weeks ago, the Etsy Mud Team, (an Etsy group that I belong to) was discussing double walled holeless salt shakers. I really couldn't fathom how they were made or worked, but gave it a good shot after seeing Keith's tutorial. I didn't do any before, during and after photos and instead, opted to wait and see if my creation even survived the bisque fire.

It did. I ended up adding the decorative knob, because without it, frankly the salt shaker looked like a female body part. Please use your imagination here.... As to the mechanics of the piece, one basically fills the salt or pepper into the hole in the bottom. To use, the salt sits within the "walls" until shaken, then sprinkles from the hollow center. Makes sense, right? I'm a visual person, and didn't get it until I made one myself. I think it needs a pepper partner now.

Bisqued porcelain bottle with handmade ginkgo lino-cut stamps - not yet glazed

Then, I water etched another vase, but decided to use my ginkgo stamp on the bottle. The fat juicy body of the piece, just begged for some kind of adornment. I still need to glaze these pieces, and was going to do so tonight, but one of my favorite shows is on in 5 minutes. I have another true confession - I love the medical drama, House.

Oh yah, I almost forgot about the good news. Before the new school year began, I proposed an after school clay class at my daughter's school. It's finally wound it's way through the ranks and has formally been approved. I begin teaching the last week in October. I can't wait!

Happy Wednesday everyone,



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