Sunday, 2 September 2007

Portable Photographic Light Box

Photographic Light Box
Portable Light Box

Photographic light box
Side View

Like many other independent artisans, I need professional photographs so that I can share my work with you on my blog, website, Etsy and other retail venues. What happens when one can't afford to hire a professional photographer? If you're like me, you scour the Internet for information - free information!

A few years ago, I did invest in a seamless graduated photographic background paper that is pretty standard when photographing ceramic work. This method is my first choice when I need to do a large photoshoot, however, it has its drawbacks. I do not have special lights or even a designated space for photographing work in my studio or home. I photograph work outside - but have to wait for an overcast day to do have a photoshoot to avoid having blue undertones to my photographs.

Last fall, after searching the Internet for the best way to photograph small objects indoors or out, I found Strobist - a fantastic photographic how to blog that gave step by step instructions for constructing a low cost macro photo studio. About 3 weeks ago, I decided to construct one using a recycled USPS shipping box, tracing paper, packing tape and a portion of a piece of quality drawing paper.

It works pretty well in direct sunlight - though I imagine that I will also be able to use it inside too when the weather gets cooler. I've read somewhere that I can use Reveal light bulbs as my light source if I do use it inside in the future. I'm still trying to get the hang of it, and do end up having to make some minor adjustment in Photoshop. If you don't have Photoshop or similar program, Google's Picassa is a FREE download that offers storage and photo-editing software for anyone to use.
Cynthia Guajardo Ginkgo Mug
Porcelain ginkgo mug photographed in the DIY light box

Bacaware Jewelry and Supplies
This photo was also taken using my homemade light box

Meanwhile, I think I mentioned that my friend, Mary Cay and I went into business together. We purchased a huge lot of jewelry supplies and findings from one of her friends and have slowly begun the process of inventorying all of the bounty. We are going through all the items that we each want to keep for our own use and then are selling finished jewelry and supplies that we'll never use in our lifetime. Check out our Etsy Shop if you're a jewelry designer and are in need of affordable supplies. We haven't listed much, but will be adding more and more until it's all gone.

Work on the home front is progressing fantastically. We finished installing a crushed red chip path in our backyard, have painted and stained the bannister upstairs and other much needed tasks. I'm actually really glad that I said yes to the West Wash Park Home Tour, because we're getting so many things done around the house which we'll actually be able to enjoy while we live here! What a concept...

Enjoy the long weekend,